Friday, June 24, 2011

Messenger's Report

I’m here to announce the death of Timothy “Zero” Holiday.  Time of death: June 21, 2010, aprox. 3:30 pm.  Location: approximately 15 miles west of Indianapolis.  Cause of death: unknown, but believed to be evisceration.

There were a couple Agents in the area tracking him when he went into a forest.  They went in after him when he didn’t come out.  They found a huge, dead tree (the surviving Agent says that they should have noticed a tree like that towering over the rest of the forest).  Zero was hanging on one of the branches.  One of the two got closer to make sure that it was, in fact Zero, and that he was, in fact, dead.  He managed to yell back that the ripped-open abdomen was pretty conclusive and that a bone in his forearm was missing before…well, we’re not sure what exactly happened, since his partner is extremely unstable and unwilling to talk about it at this time, refusing to say more about it than “the fucking tree got him.”

The surviving agent also managed to grab a backpack belonging to Zero from near the tree, as well as the smartphone he posted from.  The mask was also at the base of the tree, but the Agent who didn’t survive had that.  They were unable to track down the sword and jade elephant he had discarded earlier, and, strangely enough, all the bones had vanished.  Not a trace of them anywhere.  All that’s left of Zero is a backpack and a phone…and not even that anymore, as the backpack has been burned and the phone smashed.  The sword and the elephant are still out there, though.  Good luck to anyone who thinks they can find them, I guess.

That’s the report.  I’ll admit that it was a bit hard to remain professional for this one.  If you want to see my personal thoughts on the matter, you can go to my own site, but I’m not putting them on here, just out of respect for the blog.

Show’s over, people.  Nothing to see.  Move along.

-Don’t Shoot The Messenger-


  1. ...It is always sad when a brother dies.

  2. ...You're wrong, Messenger.

    "All that’s left of Zero is a backpack and a phone…and not even that anymore, as the backpack has been burned and the phone smashed."?

    This blog, as well as everyone that has commented on it, is proof enough that he's left behind something else...

    People die, but you can't kill an idea.

    Goodbye, Zero, and thanks... for everything.

  3. From four great minds that hated Whiggery.
    Whether they knew or not
    Goldsmith and Burke, Swift and the Bishop of Cloyne
    All hated Whiggery; but what is Whiggery?
    A levelling, rancorous, rational sort of mind
    That never looked out of the eye of a saint
    Or out of drunkard's eye.
    What schooling had these four?

  4. Another hunter vanishes from this bleak world, but his memory will always remain inside those who still struggle.

    Rest well, Zero, for your legacy will be one who will be carried by the new generation.

  5. It was Vile.

    I'M SORRY, but it had to be said.

  6. ...

    Goddammit, Zero.

    You deserve your rest. Thank you for your advice. I will keep it close at side.

  7. Please tell me I'm not the only one wondering why it says "2010" as the year of death.

    I haven't fully read Zero's blogs yet but I would think that would certainly be reason for concern.

  8. It puzzles me how Zero could live after his death.
    I would love to examine the corpse.

  9. Well... personally, even though he had his fucked up, bat shit insane moment/s.

    He was only doing what he thought was right.

    And in the end it would appear he saved us all from a horrific threat that was almost impossible for any of us to comprehend.

    And for that I will always remember him.
    Thank you Zero. For all that you did to help the fight... even if you were a bat shit crazy bastard at times.

    You'll always have my respect, I hope you are at peace now. Wherever you are...

    1. Obviously you haven't read the whole blog yet. Slendy/Bleeder warped his mind into thinking killing Runners would make him a weapon. You can't just dismiss that out of hand. Also, he didn't save anyone from anything- the Tree is still active. Hell, it even killed Redlight several times over for you (like that's gonna stick, of course). All Zero managed to do post-Solstice was kill a couple of proxies and thin the numbers of his own side. I wouldn't exactly say I respect everything he did. He deserves mourning and pity, sure, but he did way too much under the influence.

  10. I'll be sure to find that elephant, soley out of the irony that I just finished WE again.

  11. ...

    Is that it then?

    Do we possess the resources with which to continue the fight?

    Do we even know how?