Friday, June 10, 2011


An alert reader sent this link to me.  I..I wonder if maybe its perverting trees, that they end up like this.

I...have no idea right now.


  1. I think I just found the perfect spot to build my summer home!


  2. First the animal remains, then this. I'm worried again. I was worried at first, and then I felt pretty jaded, and now I'm worried again. A lot.

  3. Well, that's fucked up, Zero.


  4. It almost looks narmy... and maybe a little bit diseased. The "eyes" were the result of pruning branches off though. That much I can tell.

    Sometimes I like looking at the nice trees though. The trees I grew up with. Just as a reminder that not everything needs to be feared or suspected.

    ...and I admit to having been a bit of a tree-hugger in my high school years. Don't judge me. XD

  5. That looks quite disturbing, I'll admit.

    Almost as disturbing as the fact that it's only a week until until the June Solstice. Too bad nothing interesting's going down then, huh?

  6. I think I got this in an email once.

    If Cthulhu, a snail, and a beech tree got shitfaced and ended up in a low-end hotel together, this is the monstrosity that popped out nine months later.

  7. Or it may just be a tree. Not all ugly sights are the product of Him/him/it.