Thursday, May 19, 2011

A couple of dead rats

Blogging chained up to shit isn't all that fun, but needless to say, slide out keyboard, and occasional one handed typing gets the work done.

Been making the rounds while I'm waiting for death too.  So...yes interesting things are happening.

Got some new sages...

Yes that pissed me off immensely, but I'm over it for now.  Fucking bullshit Maduin....

That fucked up title system that Robert started, we all know had major fucking flaws in it.  Mainly because we tricked ourselves into thinking that by taking a title, we were more than human.

I've had a bit of trouble with that myself a while ago.  It happens, we want to be greater than we are sometimes.

Well, while I'm all sane and such, let me just say this to our new keystones.  "Don't let it get to you,  Don't let it control you."

Moving on, I also got a text message inviting me to a BBQ over the upcoming holiday.  Yeah, someone invited Nessa to a BBQ.  Remember folks, this is her phone I stole after tazing her.

I wonder what she's doing nowadays, if she's still alive.  I remember she popped up post-amnesia, then let it all go, as she should...

Which reminds me,  more support for Redlight being Jay.  Jay said that after wiping minds, people could still easily get thrust back into the horror.  This naturally makes me look right back over to Robert's experiences.

So, let's end this 'in media res' bit, so I can tell you how I got to this point.

Massachusetts.  Nice place really, a bit cold as expected, and ridiculously hard to spell properly.  I had finished my unfortunate business with Slice, and had really run out of personal leads for my work.

Amherst isn't a big town really, the buildings seem to have an old school quality to them, which I enjoy.  Reminds me of this little town called Rockville that I used to frequent back years ago. 

However being a fraction of the size of Indianapolis, this also meant that the police force was going to be able to track me easier.  I don't blend in as it is, even when I'm out of gear.  So I decided that I needed to clean up, you know, shave, shower, clean the blood and vomit off of me.  It'd give me a chance to charge my phone and my taser.

The local YMCA works out for all of those needs, some of them even offer hot meals, but I didn't see that option.  Now the problem is that I couldn't very well bring my sword into there, so I stashed it up in a gutter, after climbing on one of those newer hard plastic trashcans.

I emerged from the showers, and the shelter an hour later.  While I didn't feel whole, I did indeed feel better.  My scabs had finally started to fade, and the hot water helped sooth my physical pains.   I looked out to the sky, my hands in my pockets, as I felt the wind.  Sure, the sun was too bright, and made my eyes hurt, but I felt...more human than I have in a few weeks.

And as all things in my life, it faded far too soon.  I felt...okay I shit you not people, I felt a disturbance in the Force.  Something felt wrong out here, yet everything was as it should be, aside from all the color washed out, and the two dogs barking at me.  Must've smelled the blood, or the murder.  Sigh.

I realize now that I saw what was wrong immediately, but it hovered in my subconscious for far too long before it became apparent.

Just as I started to look away, I saw a woman, hand in hand with a little girl, turning out of view.  I heard her laugh, as she arched her head back, laughing to the sky.


Rika had a little girl with her.


I followed her naturally.  That child was in mortal danger, being associated with a proxy agent of the monster.  The girl was probably no more than six, holding an ice cream sandwich in her hand, as the two skipped merrily down the street.

I tried to run after them, but..shit, it was like those monster movies, where no matter how fast you go, it's still chasing you.  Well, they were almost always out of view.  Even when I nearly got hit by a car trying to stop the girl.

They passed through a playground, as I scrambled after them.  I even heard a bit of a song they were singing before I tripped into the sandpit.  When I looked up, I saw the treeline, and nothing more.

Led into the trees.  Towards the monster.

I pursued, cursing myself for leaving my blade behind.  I rushed into the woods, as I screamed for the little girl, for Rika.

And I saw no trace.

For an hour I scrambled through the woods, looking for this child.  I couldn't lose a child to her, not to her, not to it.  She was innocent, I

I found a wrapper for an ice cream sandwich finally, as it tumbled through the trees, carried by unseen fingers of the wind.

Without any other leads, I headed upwind, as leaves and grass swayed in the springtime forest.

Where evil things lurk.

Something caught my eye a few minutes later, as I splashed past a small brook.  A building partially covered by the flora,  covered by time.

I am no stranger to such things, we had them back in my original neck of the woods in Indiana.  Cistern wells, or access tunnels that led nowhere, just out in the woods, part of a former network that was long abandoned.  I figured it was for the city sewer system. I investigated it.

The stairway was a bit lopsided, as if the entire building had mudslide down a hill, it was subtle, but noticable.  There was little light, from tiny windows up top that barely lit up the hallway.  My feet clacked softly on the metal grating as I continued.

I woke up in a boiler room, chained to a pipe, my head was killing me.  I dunno if I was mindfucked, tazed, gassed, or just good old suckerpunched, but I was in pain, and I wasn't alone.   The room was in disrepair, two of the small windows were shattered, mud had entered through the windows.

Then there were the rats.  About three of them,  big ones, maybe not the type you'd see in a house, but do recall that they can survive in the wild as well.

They skittered and shrieked as I made noise in their nice home.

A low female chuckle arose from out of my view.

Me>>>  ...Oh god dammit, Rika.

I struggled against the pipe, hoping to break free somehow, before the psycho finally came for me.

Rika>>>  Man of Steel, you ain't, sugar.  Somehow I doubt you're going anywhere.

I thought about the child she led out here, I clawed at the pipe, at my own arm as if I could rage my way out of the binding.

Me>>>  A fucking lure....where's the girl, Rika?

She stepped out, casually, a sway in her step, her head tilted forwards as if to say 'don't you know?'

Rika>>>  Do you really want me to answer that?

Her Southern drawl hung in the air.  I didn't need to hear her say it, I knew what happened.

Vehement, I reached out towards her.  My arm quickly fell limp to my side.  I'm sure I'm setting myself up for another impotence joke, but I...I felt so helpless.  I can't understand what hold she has on me still.  Why can't I

Me>>>'re such a monster.

Rika>>> Sticks and stone, Shug.

She sounded slightly offended.  I decided I had to push the issue.

Me>>>  She died just so you could get me here?

I glanced at the floor, envisioning that little girl, who will never grow up.

Rika>>>  Nope. She was gonna die no matter what. Getting you here was just a spur of the moment plan. And you followed it so nicely, well done!

She clapped, mocking me.

And that was going to be the end.  She had won,  I was broken, and bound, and weaponless...

Me>>>  Just...get it over with, alright?  I lost.  I tried my best.

Rika>>>  Oh Shug...

She shook her head softly.

Rika>>>  Do you really think it's that simple?

I felt a bitter smile form, picturing what was next to come.

Me>>>  Torture?  Go ahead.  I'm already broken.  I won't even feel it.  Doubt you'll hurt me worse than I have...

Then she reached into my hoodie pouch, her movement slow, as if savoring a lover's touch, before she pulled out my mask.

A pocketknife gleamed in her other hand.

The rats stopped squeaking.

Rika>>>  You shouldn't dare a girl...

I was speechless.  That mask was my identity, my life.

Me>>>  You arrogant b.....

I reached out for her, to no avail, my attempt dying before I could even muster the force.

Me>>>  When I find out...why I can't hurt you....Why I can't wring your n....if you don't kill me here, I *will* end you someday.

My threat seemed better in my head, thinking back, she never did worry about death before, and my words fell like ash from my lips.

Rika>>>  Maybe you will, Maybe you won't.  Doesn't matter as long as I get to have a little fun beforehand.

I spoke, like a coward.

Me>>> Don't...

She giggled in response.  Always laughing at me....always fucking la

Rika>>>  And why shouldn't I?

Still she played with that knife, as she swayed, enjoying seeing me sweat I imagine

Rika>>> Come on, Sage of Nothing.  You normally can't shut up.

I looked away, I couldn't bear to see it.

She got pissed, as I refused to play her game.  I couldn't bring myself to administer a snarky response, or even a defiant remark

Rika>>> Pathetic...

She started to storm out, stepping on my mask as she left.  I admit, I was afraid that I would be left there forever.

Me>>> M...My shadow....

She didn't turn around, but she stopped.  I felt I had to convince her that I couldn't be chained.

Me>>>  If I stay here, it will kill me...and...and you won't get your fun.

It was worth a shot.

She looked back towards me, over her shoulder

Rika>>>  Well I think of it this way. I'm gonna head on back here in a day or so. Either this shadow that you are so terrified of will have gotten you and I'll have the pleasure of knowing you died pissing yourself in fear. Or else you'll still be alive and we'll get to tell the whole world about how your shadow really was a delusion and you've been murdering people for nothing other then your own insanity... and then I'll kill you."

That was maybe 3 days ago

Since then I've blacked out, and typed a little, to try to keep my mind off of things...

Sorry to disappoint you Rika, but I've been out for two days now.  I managed to wear out the pipe's pins in the concrete.  After it got off the wall, I levered it enough that the rust made it snap off.

Sick bitch even broke the rats backs while I was out cold.

Soon, it'll be my turn.


  1. Interesting.

    Zero, before, you said you had to keep moving every few hours, or your shadow would kill you. It's been two days now, and you're still alive. And actually relatively sane. Are you sure your shadow isn't just a construct of your mind?

    And when I say that, don't make the mistake of thinking I mean it's imaginary, because if it's real to you, then it's real. But constructs are much easier to get rid of once you identify them.

    You never answered my other question either. Between the Solstice and the Equinox, during the time you spent as Remnant, did you have to run from the shadow then?

  2. Zerosage, I would tell you not to run headlong into danger when you have the opportunity to escape, but you've been running headlong into danger since you revealed yourself again.

    Continue living, Zerosage.

  3. Zero. Just a tip.

    She's not real.

    Rika. She's not real.

    I can't bear to see you like this.

    She's a trap, like the shadow.

    She's you, man. She's all you.

    Snap out of it.

  4. Dang. I'd never even thought of the possibility that Rika was a figment of Zerosage's fractured psyche. It'd make sense. Zerosage's inability to harm her being good evidence for this.

    I guess that's why I'm not a psychologist. Good show Maurice.

  5. New sages. Terrible fucking joke indeed.
    Take that bitch out, Zero.

  6. she's...not real?

    Are you fucking stupid?

    @Ryuu - 1. I guess?
    2. I don't think so? but it's also getting very close to my deadline.

  7. Aw. But I like rats. They're so cute and cuddly.

    By the way, Zero, did you know that shadows have been known to trap people in old buildings? Just something to ponder...


  8. Broke the rats while you were out cold? Sugar, by the time I got back you were already gone.

  9. Don't believe me?

    Give me conclusive evidence she's not you.

  10. He's not smart enough to be me.

  11. Oh, Steward....don't hint at those things...

    They're better off not knowing.

  12. They can just click on that Martin guys name next time he posts to find out, Rivers. And actually I'd say it's better they know.

    But this is Zero's little corner of the internet. Let us not clutter it up with our own adventures. That would be rude.

    ...I just want to know who killed those poor innocent rats.


  13. You would say that Rika.

    Or should I say Zero?

  14. Sorry about my last comment, things have been.. interesting.
    If she's telling the truth, and she didn't kill the rats, then one would assume that this Shadow of yours got to them.

    Question is, Zero, why did it spare you? An unconscious target is no fun to take out, surely, but... just saying, if it were me, I'd have been waiting. At least fucked with you when you woke up.

    Whatever this Shadow is, you need to think long and hard about why you're still breathing.

  15. Zero are you still there? Just... waiting around?

    Nice to know you can actually last this long in one place, I guess. Maybe now you can take breaks every once in a while, or get better sleep. Or, y'know, give this whole thing a rest for a while.

    Because, if your shadow's not a threat, then the mission to kill the tree has a lot less urgency. And you can step back and work with your friends to find another way to do it. Because there HAS to be another way. Even you must realize this by now.

  16. Ryuu- Can you read little girl or are you so busy trying to analyze the crazy man's brain that you just don't want to see the obvious?

    "Sorry to disappoint you Rika, but I've been out for two days now."

    He ain't lasting for shit. Next time I just need to find a better pipe to chain him too.

    Maurice- It's lovely to see that someone else is trying to mess with the little boy's brain, but really, but insulting me is not the way to do it. Specially if you want to live long enough to try and attack all these little runner types you're trying to play with.

  17. Greetings, designation SAGE03B. Have you come across any new information on PRE11 (colloquially known as "the Bleeding Tree") since your initial encounter? It would be most helpful.

  18. @Rika: Whoops, my mistake. But he was still there for a full day or so, so the comments still stand, not that either of you were ever acknowledge it.

  19. Hey, Steward knows my name! Now I feel like I need a shower.

    On the subject of shadows...well, I don't really want to talk about it. Needless to say, shadows = badness.

    Homer wrote of Orion: "A hunter of shadows, himself a shade." Quite the wordsmith, huh?

  20. Hey. Hey Zero. How about I send you a present. It's a bone. I am going to get it from KAY. It will BE perfect for your Holy Weapon of Slender Smiting. If you want. I'll send you the REST of Kay too. Apologies though, it will take some time to finish what I am doing in Canadia. Then going to Jersey and torturing the shit out of Kay. Then of course there is the time it will take to SHIP the corpse to you. Whats left of it anyway... Yeah. So it will take a while.

  21. I guess the reports of your death blahblahblah...

    too good to be true, I suppose I'll save my festive party hat for another time then.

    also, it'll never happen.

  22. heh, if the first threat doesn't work, go to the fallback plan, eh, dumbass?

    You really want to get my interest? get within knife range.

  23. You've fallen back on using a knife? Hit up a mall and get another shitty katana or something.

  24. I could give you a decent sword, but you will need to wait until a month or so.. Also I dont have any blades sorry, just some bastard ..swords (I always liked that joke) XD

  25. ehh broken sword's about at dagger reach, and yeah I'll just go hit up a store for another shitty non-sharpened blade....Man do you know how many cameras are in those types of places?

    Besides, though broken, it is still special to me


  26. This one seems dangerous. A man on a mission. A man with little to lose. Kill her. This girl who gives you so much trouble.

  27. I am sorry Zero. I thought you wanted the Bones of Sinners to complete your holy weapon. I am not being especially subtle about my location, and I am most certainly a sinner. Who kills the innocents you are so desperate to protect. But I suppose you must not be THAT desperate to kill Father, if you are too afraid to come after me yourself. Yes that's right Zero. Play around with Rika some more and leave the Slender-Slaying to the more competent people. Like the actual Sages.

  28. heh, I've already figured out your game, Morningstar. While the border between Canada and the US is certainly open, there does remain a much greater chance that I am discovered there, and jailed.

    So no, I'm not going to get taunted into your "trap"

  29. Hey. That just means I have one less person to kill while I am up here. Gonna be a LOT of bones up here when I am done. Hey. You know what? I figured out the REAL reason you are not coming up here. Canadian bones not good enough for you? Huh? HUH? So only good old American bones will do then will they? That is LOW Zero. Real low. You disgust me Zero.

  30. all I have to say in response is that I enjoyed the work of Edge, Bret & Owen Hart, and Trish Stratus.

    The insults just get weaker and weaker, don't they? I see you've moved onto other targets, heh.