Wednesday, April 20, 2011

With the jawbone of an ass

Well, these last few days have been entertaining, in the same way that the oppressive, hell-driven life of mine has been enjoyable.   I've had the shit kicked out of me more times this week then I have in the entirety of high school.

Now, for the record, I was going to talk about this new Rika, who needs to stay the fuck away from me, however, things came up, and some of you loyal readers, both of you hopefully, have read of some of my activity lately.

In my defense, I don't remember being so easily bested, but to the conceited motherfucker victor goes the spoils, and I certainly did not win that fight.  Being blindsided whatever the hell that asshole was, wasn't exactly in the gameplan, but whatever.  I move on, and survive.

Arkady....Arkady is still a target, he iss still dangerous.  The man was saved some fucked up proxy.   Fucking saved by a servant of evil.   And he still claims he's not working with the monster...


Traitor to the cause of men.

I struggled with his rescuer, even if I could barely see him,  I saw all I needed, to cast judgement on him.  There was no 'mark' upon his spirit, but his body seemed so gaunt, so ragged, that it was obvious of his intent, and corruption.  Even with my battered form, and injuries, he could stand not the righteousness of my cause.  The bastard nearly fell apart as I slew him.

And with his body, I sent a message.  Breaking every single bit of him that I could, save one piece. 

No...that bone is due a greater purpose than a warning towards evil.

That bone shall be among the others, to pierce evil's heart.


  1. What are you trying to build, zerosage? I'm trying so hard to understand, but I cannot work with half-information. It appears to be a weapon of some kind, but why does it require bones?

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  3. *Sigh*

    You kill one civilian, and suddenly everyone's all like, "Traitor!" and "Proxy!" It's very annoying.

    But don't be so down, zerosage. At least we got to have our fun while it lasted.

  4. I am sure you will do better next time Zero. Here is a tip: Try using a GUN next time.
    Oh and I have quite a target for you to consider: Naomi/Tensor. She was the proxy who recruited ME to kill and maim for Father.
    Best of Luck Zero. Send Amelia my regards when you join her in Hell.

  5. Amelia WAS heading to the heavens, you know.

  6. Zero Morningstar is the sick and twisted one so if you're going after anyone go after him. Noami broke free from her enslavement and is working towards a cure!Morningstar asked for his fate so don't let him trick you into killing someone who can save more lives.

  7. Will, I don't think we should be encouraging Zero's Knight Templar behvior at all. Unfortunately (and I really does pain me to say this, Zero) I think the best possible outcome is for Zero to die fighting/killing Morningstar, or getting in one last stab at TPF.
    Also, as a Solstice writer, I should be on the hit-list; so, when will it be, Zero?

  8. I woUld acTUal=ly liketosee mORNingstAr dead.heisa pRick.

  9. Zero do not mind Luke. He is just flustered because I still use his name. If you do come after me though I have to warn you that I have been trained in the art of self defense, and that I do not travel alone. I am atoning for my sins by working on a possible cure. I will be the one to save Luke because I am the reason he is currently damned.

  10. ...Somehow, this remind me about the Inquisition.
    Glory in killing.
    Nowadays Orders punish secret inquisition sects.

    Just take in mind all of them are just sick people, infected, most of them don't even choose by themselves what to do (even if they think they actually have free will).

    God bless you my wayward brother. Maybe in that way you will stop sinning.

  11. Might I propose an alternative?

    Where in your vision did it specify that the runners had to be killed by you? Surely there are many out there who are dead already. If you absolutely must have the bones of runners, couldn't you do so without harming people?

    I sincerely hope you take this idea into account, zerosage. You don't have to hurt anyone else.

  12. @Ryuu - As long as it's from the right people, I don't think it matters if I slew them myself.

    Like Amelia for instance....

    I had no idea she was corrupted.

    @Hospitaler - I just had the shit kicked out of me, three lacerations that needed work, and a concussion. Yes, I am hurt. Thank god for emergency care.

    @JFan - Way to miss the point. Of course I'm upset that it did not work then, on the Solstice, but I'm not so torn up that I believe all of the writers were actually proxy agents.

    @Whomever - There is no fucking cure, this is a supernatural taint. The most you can do is spread the sickness. Its like saying you could develop a medicine that cures vampirism.

  13. I don't know if you know, Zero, but the stories of vampires are based on an actual, real-life iron-deficiency disorder. Dracula was a real person, and he really drank blood, but not for the reasons you think. And guess what? The disorder was and is perfectly treatable.

    Nothing's impossible, Zero, don't dismiss anything out of hand.

    As for the "right people", are there enough of them already dead that you can simply locate their bodies, rather than kill more people? I think that would be easier on everyone involved.

  14. I would have to see them, to tell, Ryuu. And this corruption is still quite new to the world. I shan't expect gravedigging to fill my quota

  15. Okay then. So this "corruption" is a relatively new invention, but you also say that you only kill people who are near death or insanity already. Why not just wait until they are dead? It's not as though you need to finish this as quickly as possible in order to save lives, because you're taking lives to begin with. That's faulty logic.

  16. Oh sugar, I am so disappointed. You had a chance to take down someone that is more evil then your average proxy could even dream of being and you settled for a half put together zombie? I thought you were supposed to be a hero?

  17. shut up, Rika

    The fact you are disappointed only convinces me further that I'm on the right path.

  18. Zero, come on now. If it was ever as easy as "This corruption is too new, and there is no cure", then why have all those other things people have done worked in the past?

    You're so desperate to be the hero, and to be the one to end things once and for all, that you'll ignore all other options that lead to any outcome besides you being the One and Only Hero of Earth.

    What if there's another way, that could prevent you from having to continue killing? Is it worth taking if it means that you're not the hero and someone else IS when it's done? If you say no, then congratulations, you have no right to call yourself hero ever again.

    THINK Zero. Use your head.

  19. The fallen sage is quite right. There is no cure.

    There is only one way to escape.

    It is when He so allows it. Nothing takes place that He does not allow.


  20. I think I'll put my two cents in regarding the whole "blood drinking is a way to combat Iron Deficiency Anemia" thing.

    Blood is made of mostly water, with the only nutrients being protein and iron, which can easily be found in other sources. Like meat. From a cow or other animal.

    Drinking blood, human or otherwise, to combat an iron deficiency is inefficient, and utterly ridiculous. Sure, there may be people that drink blood because they have Iron Deficiency Anemia, but unless they're allergic to meat or intravenous iron injections, as well as the plethora of other treatments that don't make you ingest blood, then they're playing out a ridiculous fantasy so that they can walk around spouting nonsense that, in effect, is like a child on Halloween running around screaming, "Burr! I'ma Vampuhr! Bleh!"

    Vampirism doesn't exist medically. Zerosage was speaking in folkloric metaphor when he spoke of a cure for Vampirism. Also, Vlad Tepes may have ingested blood (which has never been confirmed as true) but he also impaled people and hung them outside of his castle. He was a sociopath, and sociopaths do things like that.

    So don't make things up if you're trying to make a point. It kills your credibility when someone points out how wrong you are.

  21. Hey, I didn't say he did it right, I'm just saying that's WHY he did it. Sociopathy aside, of course. Also, I'm not a history major.

    But if you recognize that I was simply trying to make a point, why are you trying to troll it away from me? Once again, I happen to think that getting some good done around here is a tad more important than who's right about an obscure legend. Asshole.

  22. You were using a false argument to convince someone of your point of view. That's dishonest, and you're hurting your own cause because of your dishonesty. If you lie to get what you want, then how are you better than Zerosage?

  23. There is absolutely no evidence at all that Vlad Tepes (aka Dracula) ever drank blood. The Count Dracula we see in Bram Stoker's novel was not based on the historic figure; Mr. Stoker just thought it was a cool sounding name so he gave it to his character. All connections between vampirism and Vlad the Impaler came much later, when fiction authors wanted to expand on Dracula's story.

  24. and here I thought you'd be taking sides on sparkling. No one cares who is right, you all know what I meant.

    heh, and yet I love you guys. I guess. I'm doing this for you after all, I guess I can't be mad.

  25. This is just wonderful! The Killer Sage is making plans to slaughter their friends and they're arguing about the history of vampires! You little darlings just warm my heart!

  26. ..."my point of view"? "dishonesty"? Hospitaller, I have just about had it with you.

    My appologies for skipping that class. The point of what I was trying to say goes with or without it. Geez.

  27. "I love you guys."

    Awww, even me, zerosage?

  28. @Ryuu: The point you made was fine; just the allegory you attempted to use to illustrate it was inaccurate. However, at this point I doubt even a perfectly crafted point wouldn't sway zerosage from his chosen path.

  29. And that should be "would sway", because double negatives are not good English at all and why can't I spell today....

  30. I wasn't calling you out for the sake of trolling, Hakurei. I called you out because your arguments were faulty. Whatever point you were trying to make is basically the same argument you've been pushing since zerosage returned. It was more of an...incentive to leave the situation alone than to continue spouting your idealistic nonsense.

    Some people just won't listen no matter how many times you yell at them. For all we know, Zerosage might have a sane reason for these killings. Entertain the thought that these people might be tainted as he says.

    Stop trying to save the world and save yourself first. You're going to get yourself killed if you keep playing the Savior.

  31. That's right, we want him to keep killing! That guy has the right idea! Stop trying to save other people, its obviously worthless!

  32. Arguing is worthless, Rika. If that's all someone plans to do, then they will accomplish nothing.

  33. This guy has the best ideas I have ever heard come from crazy Fighter and Runner types. You all need to start listening to him!

  34. What's next? New Moon's gang surprisingly appears and turn Winged into a vampire?!

    em, I think your are getting out of the theme.. why so suddenly everyone talks about vampires?

    and we can't argue for who is right in Vlad guy's real story. Since there are many theories (some even say he just had a fetch, others say that he did so to intimidate) and not many proof we cant arrive with a concrete statement.

  35. .......

    Hospitaller, you are a dick and a moron. I have nothing more to say to you.

  36. @Rika
    You are quiet an interesting.. person?
    I would like to know more about you and how you roll in this situation, send me a message.

    Try to be patience with my friend here, he is just a little upset for the moment..

    think about the prudent thing issue of the other time. You should get better with other bloggers.

  37. @Ryuu
    Alright then.

    At least there's some of them who haven't expressed enmity. I count that a small victory.

  38. jeje, somehow that wasn't my point. Sometimes you must think in how the people are going to react each time you comment something. Specially women, we little brained men are nothing compared to their advanced minds XD

    Lets just make peace, ok? I promise no one is going to mess with your point of view now on.

    Specially if you are trying to help Wayward brother find his way back to us.

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  40. Aw I'm gonna pout. My buddy Hospitaller over there has all the right ideas and you guys are just ignoring him. You Fighters and Runners could go far if you listen to him!