Thursday, March 17, 2011

traitors in our midst

i have been influenced lately

i can tell

ive thought more about what

i want to be

a silly thing


i wanted to have one

i failed

and now what is left

what is given to a man

who was robbed of

who he wanted to be

of what he meant to be


i am a lying sack of shit sometimes

other times not as much

the point i offer today

is that there are traitors among


those who have worked with



and those who have been

influenced by the same

they are polluted


and it falls on me

to destroy them

i will play the villain

for a bit longer

to find our peace


no more pictures

you did not solve my riddles

so your entertainment is at an end

perhaps someday

a sad remnant

1 comment:

  1. Do as you wish, Remnant. It is our actions that define us, after all. One minute, a villain, the next, a hero.