Friday, March 25, 2011

A thousand burning suns




How weak as a people are you now?  I have marveled at how many of you have been cowed so easily by the damned.  Making your deals,  easy exits, now you forget everything you came across.  That is HIS victory, foolish sheep.  An inch backwards is a loss.  You don't understand what you are doing when ground is conceded! 

Of course it falls upon me to solve this.  Your hero, your salvation.  There is a serious amount of amputation needed, righteously done, not in punishment, but in treatment.  A surgeon mains, slices, and peels in the name of healing.

So will I.

I will find my destiny, my glory that was denied.. DENIED by those of you who failed to wish.  FAILED, FAILED to want him dead.  How could you? How could you want him alive?  What sort of sick penance do you seek that only he can give?

You deserve him,  for all your secrets and lies.  And that just makes me want to destroy him and his agents even more.  No redemption, no forgiveness.

I will find those of you who have succumbed.

I will give you a merciful end.

And then

I will carve my glory from your bones

and take your tainted soul, as a step towards my destiny.

And you all wanted me to do this.  So I shall.


  1. Zero. It's a pleasure to finally get a chance to speak with you. In case you didn't know, As I mentioned on my blog, I picked this name before I knew about the "Sages". And before I actually had encountered TallSuit McDoucheTree. No offense is meant.

    You and Remnant swap places, you show up as a Crusading Templar randomly, I think we're all a little worried that you might be a little out of sorts.

    Who among us are you going to kill to "Make things right."

  2. Take a wild fucking guess, AS.

  3. Everyone. All, I think.

    The Question is weather or not he wants to wipe the board clean.

  4. Heh, sounds like you and I wont be getting along.

  5. Ah, zero my good man. How I've missed you. Been a while, hasn't it?

    Now, I must admit that I also sometimes feel like strangling all these simpleminded dunces just to end their misery (and my own) quickly. But come now, dearest that really the answer?

    Or perhaps...perhaps it was simply you who did not wish hard enough. Have you entertained the possibility that your plan failed through no fault of any but you?

  6. I wished. I stood under the vanished moon all night long and prayed with all my might for a miracle, so don't fucking TELL me that I didn't wish hard enough.

    It is beyond wonderful to have you back, Zero, but I wish it could have been under better circumstances.

  7. A pity you were once a man that Will looked up too. I do not think I will be showing him this blog as it may cause to much pain for his heart to see you this way.

  8. God or m-

    Someone's gone off it.

  9. Will? Hahahahaha I forgot about the monster maker. Where is he?

  10. I thought the whole "think Big S-Dawg out of existence" shtick proved itself false when it didn't work out in the slightest the first time it went down.

    So why would you get mad over people for not believing it after the fact? Chilling out a bit instead of flaring out and being a dick to everybody is the best course of action to take.

  11. @Id: No need to be rude, Zero's been through a lot.

    I agree that his anger could be better directed, but name-calling isn't going to help anyone.

    @zerosage: I prayed to anything and everything that would listen. It is neither my failing nor yours that God wasn't one of them.

  12. Hello Zero.

    You probably don't remember me (I only commented twice on your blog) but I'm Scott, formerly known as S.

    Zero, we tried. It didn't work--most of us were attacked and had more immediate things to worry about.

    I'm sorry the plan didn't work. If it's anyone's fault that the plan didn't work, it's mine--I didn't encourage the Speculation enough when I could have. If anyone should have to die, it's me.

    But listen to me; no one has to die. The Slender Man has been around forever; no amount of wishing will erase the fact. We aren't the cause of what had happened to you; Slender Man is. Don't direct your energies to hunting down us; focus on The Slender Man! He is the enemy here, not us!

  13. maybe what they want is something only He can give, not you. and maybe that's why you failed.

  14. @Ryuu Well, dick is the only suitable descriptor of his current behavior that I can think up, off the top of my head. And I know exactly what that chap's been through, I've scoured his first blog thoroughly. I sympathize with the issue he's addressing. That doesn't make my point any less legitimate.

    I'll try and refrain myself next time. My apologies.

  15. What right do you have to call Will a monster creator?! He never asked for this none of us did. You honestly think I would tell you where we are at the moment after you threatened to kill off runners? That is laughable there is no way I would put Will in any more danger than I already have. Your plan failed because it was based on flawed logic, and there is no way it would have worked. You need to wake up from your delusion Zero it will only serve to get you and the people you care about killed. Your becoming just as bad as the monster you tried to kill.

  16. so you are Will, eh (X)or his mouthpiece? How stupid must you think me that I would listen to a word you say. You claimed to have created a monster to fight a monster. That is tainted work. Evil begetting evil. Justify your words all you wish, for we all know where the path of good intention leads.

  17. Oh, another dreaming of glory and bring salvation to the damned. How trite. But at the same time amusing.

    And I do love a good slaughter...

    -The Liesmith

  18. Zero, Jesus Christ, stop it. You're not supposed to...

    Fuck, you were fucking laughing about the fucking pretentious ones and now you're fucking doing this?

    Judgment? Sins? Weakness? Failure? Don't fucking matter. Survival matters. Sanity matters. Stop fuck I can't even.

    Fine. Go ahead. Come and get me, I don't fucking care anymore. Just stay away from the other bloggers. We looked up to you, Zero. Now what do we have to look up to?

    Oh, that's right, nothing.


  19. Some people just can't put their twos together.

    What I see here is glorious, and I remember Zero actually understanding, what I mean by glorious.

    I'll look and see how this develops.

    Funny, though, Zero going Nightcrawler on us. Hah.

  20. Zero, you are pathetic. Maduin, is not glorious at all. He's gone insane and threatening to start killing people.

  21. Actually...

    I think Zero in this form might be the only one able to do it.

    Burn down Jerusalem! Light up the covenant! Torch the home of the evil man! Burn it down, let it be cleansed from sin!

  22. You have to be kidding, Slice. Targeting runners is in no way cleansing the earth of sin.

  23. What the fuck Zero? First of all I never created any fucking monster. You're confusing me for one of the guys that took on the name J; I tried to convince him he was being an idiot, and in the end he was used and if I remember correctly either went crazy or wound up dead. So don't try to push that shit onto me. Secondly I am not Tensor, and she isn't my mouth piece she is one of my traveling companions. What the hell happened to you to make you this way?

  24. Slender Man, Will. The Black King is what has happened to this man.
    Zero is not himself and will not be until he has been freed from His influence. Our only course of action is to apprehend Zero, ourselves.

  25. Fucking aye. Well I'll continue working the lead I've got but I'm not in the States any more, and unless zero isn't either I don't know how helpful I will be. Tensor is working on possible cure route, and I am taking lessons from an old teacher of my mothers. Bianca is doing her own thing I think she might have a lead of her own, but she wont tell me anything so I don't know.

  26. Well, I wasn't referring just to you. SOMEONE needs to find Zero and get him under control. I would if I could, but I already have one psycho tailing me.

  27. zero you're back you're back you came back

  28. @Pete - see, you don't understand, what I mean by "Glorious". Zero probably does.

    @Ron - Are you sure you should be so happy?

  29. Enlighten me, then, Trickster.

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  31. No, I was mistaken. Not the answer, not the solution. His antithesis is Life, not Death, and so we must Live until he is Gone.